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      Along with catering for the financial well-being of the employees, management of Tan Phuoc Thinh always take care of and organize trips and vacations for employees to improve their spiritual well-being as well as to encourage and motivate their contributions to the improvement and development of the Company.

      From April 13 to April 15 2019, Tan Phuoc Thinh organized a trip to Dong Thap Province for employees and their families with the goal of creating a joyful and bonding atmosphere among families and members of the Company.

      Besides the time dedicated for relaxation, resting and exploring famous tourist attractions of Dong Thap Province; the Organization Board also hosted teambuilding games and gala dinner for the entire staff to express the solidarity and collective strength, and to inspire creativity of employees and the connection between members of the Tan Phuoc Thinh family.

      The organizing of annual trips and vacations is an opportunity for management and employees of the Company to exchange and share experiences in work as well as life–an important foundation of the Tan Phuoc Thinh culture.

      Photos from the trip:

Commemorative photograph at Gao Giong Ecotourism Park

Commemorative photograph at Junior Doctor Nguyen Sinh Sac Historical Site

Mr. Pham Van Triem – Chairman of BoD of Tan Phuoc Thinh (on the right)

Mr. Pham Van Triem, Chairman of BoDof Tan Phuoc Thinh(on the left),

awarding couples participating in Game show of the Gala dinner

By Tang Trinh Trien