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      In order to bring relaxation and reward the hard work of management and employees of the Company during the last year, Tan PhuocThinh organized a trip to Korea for management, employees and their families from April 26 to April 29 2019.

      This is an annual activity of Tan Phuoc Thinh with the goal of creating unity and bond among departments and divisions of the Company.Moreover, it is an opportunity for colleagues to spend time together and further understand each other.

      During the trip, in addition to sightseeing tourist attractions of the land of Kimchi such as the Presidential Residence (Blue House), Gyeongbok Royal Palace; Insadong Antique Street, Nami Island, Everland Park,..., management and employees of the Company had the opportunity to appreciate the exotic art performance – Drawing Show, the Korean traditional dress Hanbok and learn how to make Kimchi,...

      It’s fair to say that the activities during the trip to Korean has partially boosted and encouraged management and employees of the Company to work harder and try harder to carry off every task assigned. The trip has been a smooth experience and left a profound impression inside everyone.

      Below are some photos from the trip:

Korean Presidential Residence (Blue House)

Chairman of Tan Phuoc Thinh and wife (on the left)

Gyeongbok Royal Palace

Nami Island

Everland Park

Trying on the Korean traditional Hanbok

Learning how to make Kimchi

Chairman of Tan Phuoc Thinh and wife (in the middle)

By Tang Trinh Trien